"...Clearly noticeably a couple, which shares living and music visible and each gesture, each fast look, each contact converts into energy, synergy in fact, which makes their playing up to an entity..."


The pianists Elles van der Heiden and Siebert Nix have been performing as the Grieg Pianoduo since 1987. After the completion of their professional education at the Conservatory of Music in Groningen, the Netherlands, in 1986, the duo soon became renowned in the world of chamber music for their dynamic and passionate quatre-mains performances on a single grand piano. Boom

They followed masterclasses with Detlef Kraus (Hamburg), Vitalj Margulis (Tilburg), Danielle Dechenne (Amsterdam), Hans-Helmut Schwarz (Heidelberg/Lenzerheide-Valbella), and Einar Steen-Nokleberg (Oslo). With their refined programmes, the Grieg Pianoduo have  already given many concerts in the Netherlands, England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, and Norway. In the Grieg year 2007 the duo has celebrated their 20th anniversary of musical co-operation ! The name of the Norwegian composer, whose multi-facetted repertoire contains many style influences, embodies the quality of their entire repertoire, from Schubert right down to the present day: Four Hands Unlimited !

The duo enjoyed the particular privilege in Norway to be allowed to play on the grand piano of the composer himself in villa `Troldhaugen - the former villa of Grieg - and in the concert hall `Troldsalen' near the villa. In the summer of 2000 the Grieg Pianoduo have again been invited to Norway by the pianist and Grieg specialist Einar Steen-Nokleberg for concerts in Oslo and Bergen, where they played as the first piano duo at the Grieg Festival Oslo with Grieg's fourhanded piano works at the National Museum! With their versatility, coupled to the issue of a Grieg CD in 2000 and a marathon live performance with all of Grieg's fourhanded works 2002, they have not only convincingly put Edvard Grieg's four-handed piano music on the international map. They also harvested much acclaim with a performance of 'Le Boeuf sur le Toit'. They played this Cinéma-Symphonie' by Darius Milhaud to accompany a film showing of Jean Cocteau's Farce imaginée', the mime production created in 1920 to be staged with Milhaud's  music :   "..This farce was immediately the rib-piece of the afternoon "

(Dagblad v.h. Noorden,May 23d, 2005)

"..refined programme choice, univocal and balanced interpretation with their accurate toucher"