on one piano - four hands!

Last summer we played the Canto Ostinato by the Dutch composer Simeon ten Holt  at the Peter de Grote Festival which takes place every year in North of the Netherlands. This was such a enormous success that we have decided to give this work more chance in our repertoire!

The Canto Ostinato is a particular composition, in which there is a certain freedom in choice of the notes to play, the way of recitation and the length of the piece.

The Grieg Pianoduo is the first piano duet which plays this most-played  Dutch chamber musicwork on one piano for four hands (mostly it is carried out on 2 or even 4 instruments).

With already more than 25 years of experience in the four handed piano duet playing, this brings each time a very tensed performance on! We never make agreements in advance…,… so that each performance is unique!

Aroused curiosity?

Peter de Grote Festival 2013
photo: Amnon Tepper Grieg Pianoduo live at Casa dei Mezzo Music Festival 2013 Crete

Some responses to our Canto Ostinato: 

". of many people I have heard how fantastic it was! Awesome!”

“What a phenomenal performance you gave of the Canto Ostinato. .I already have heard this piece more often but never in such a dynamic way as you did it, splendid, splendid.  . .”

“that we found your Canto fantastic, really a great experience!” 

“We have enjoyed of your performance and still do! “

“. .still under the impression…”